Arthur Recap Season 14 Episode 4 Part 2 “The Great Lint Rush”

Ugh, this episode involves Baby Kate and Pal so I will choke down the vomit and get through it, just for you guys.

At Casa de Read, Arthur is looking for his socks when D.W. comes out of her room to demand her socks back. Then David shows up barefoot and D.W. starts yelling for the Feet Police.


It turns out that Pal has stolen the socks for the stupid pun that is the sock market. Amigo, the Molinas’ dog, tells Pal that it is too late and that “the greedy amphibian bought up everyone’s socks”.

Mr. Toad cackles how he now owns the sock market and the title card is a short clip that from this episode that will never be used again.

I’m remembering now how stupid this episode was and I am dreading the rest of it.

Look, I’m just going to watch it all the way through and then come back and write a summary as opposed to writing this recap as I watch because I don’t want to prolong the pain.

Let’s get this over with.

I confused this episode with “The Great Sock Mystery” which featured the first appearance of the Sock Market and all its subsequent bullshit.

Basically, since Mr. Toad bought up all the socks because he is a selfish douche. Amigo tells Pal that this could lead to the Chilly Toes Scare of 1929 when the Sock Market crashed so all the humans had no socks and their feet stank.


SHUT UP. You dogs and your Furmasons do not secretly run the world!

For God’s sake, you are afraid of thunderstorms and eat your own shit!

They need to get the market running again so Pal begs Mr. Toad to loan him a sock. Mr. Toad agrees, but he wants 10 more by the end of the week and if Pal fails, he wants the Reads’ house.

Then he bribes Pal with a bunch of weiners to make him say yes.


God, see this is why dogs don’t run the world. They only think with their stomach. Or at the very least, Pal does.

Someone once told me golden retrievers are one of the dumbest dogs. Looking at Pal, I think they might have been right.

However, Mr. Toad moves in his toad colony early and tells Pal that he’s not going to succeed and he might as well just move his friends in. Yeah, he might as well. Let them have a few days of happiness before the Reads fumigate the shit out of that house and kill them all.

Just saying.

Pal, Amigo, and Baby Kate hatch a plan to make laundry lint a hot commodity, which would drive down the value of socks and thus they could make Mr. Toad give up the socks.

They spread the words amongst all the animals and they all collect as much lint as possible which brings me to this:

I know I don’t have children but Jane Read…



Anyway, they succeed in tricking Mr. Toad and they get the Sock Market back and now he owns a bunch of worthless lint.

Whatever, I don’t care about the Great Lint Rush.

Grade: D (First of all, this was confusing since I had completely forgotten about The Great Sock Mystery. Baby Kate and Pal aren’t featured enough so that we can continue their stories where we leave off, thank God. Also, this was a Baby Kate and Pal episode and the only good one was The Secret Lives of Babies and Dogs, which should have been their first and last appearance.)

Rating: 1% intense. The Sock Market is not intense.

  1. everyonelovesbuster said: I wouldn’t say that Jane was being unsafe, babies are pretty heavy and I’ve done quite a bit of heavy lifting up stairs in the past, a baby on a basket would probably be a mere bagatelle if she leans back. Also, this ep stank, even for Kate and Pal
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