Arthur Recap Season 1 Episode 11 “Arthur’s Baby”


It is Baby Kate’s first birthday. Kate stuffs her whole face and Arthur tells us that babies tend to do dopey things. Buster for example, tried to eat the whole goddamn grocery store and Nigel Emile Ratburn (they called him Emile in early episodes) drew equations in crayon on the walls.

Is it wrong to find Baby Ratburn cute?

Whoo-wee! Back that ass up!

That is not inappropriate because I am going to marry Mr. Ratburn someday. Stop looking at me like that.

Arthur says he misses when Kate was a baby and D.W. calls him a liar. He punches her in the face and then we go to the title card.

Then we see D.W. and Arthur eating some grapes and when there is one grape left, they fight over it. Arthur tells her that his idea of a perfect world is one without little sisters. Oh the irony.

Jane just comes in and announces she is three months pregnant. Damn, David! Get it,  son.



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